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The Double Life of Saki,  Evening Standard Review 01 05 07

“I was beguiled by EDDIE AND MISS SIMPSON, a well-turned thriller by Roger Davenport: an ingenious plot with a surprise twist at the end.”

 (John Wain, The Listener, Radio Review)

Pieces of the Game …   “an exciting read.”

(Audrey Baker, C.L.A.I.)


GROWING PAINS (‘Someone to Watch Over Me’) Pick of the Day, Sunday Times

The subversive comic writer Hector Hugh Munro better known as Saki is variously described in this delightful drama/documentary as “the godfather of modern comedy”, the “chronicler of the Edwardian age” and a forerunner of Evelyn Waugh, Noel Coward and Roald Dahl. He had an unhappy childhood (his mother was killed by a runaway cow and he was raised by two nasty aunts), worked as a foreign correspondent in the Balkans and died at the Battle of the Somme. The telling of his life story is neatly based around a magazine interview, letters to his devoted sister Ethel and the observations of admirers such as Will Self and Alexei Sayle. Saki’s personality – haughty, politically incorrect, queeny – proves as intriguing as his work, in which he pithily satirised convention.

TV Choice, The Telegraph 30/04/2007

LOWLAKE … is a book that you can’t put down ...ORTHO’S BROOD (is) very gripping” (Highland News Group)


‘Till the Clouds Roll By’, last night’s episode, was a rich emotional   journey … (Daily Telegraph)

Daily Mail 30 04 07

DOUBLE SAKI WAS ONE TO SAVOUR … (This) quietly compelling drama-documentary … In a recreation of his interview in 1911 with The Bodleian, the author emerged as languid, self-deprecating, wryly amused, yet guarded. How contrarily Scottish Saki was.

 David Belcher, Herald Scotland, 01/05/2007

THE BILL, “Bin-Men”, critic’s choice of the day’s viewing, Daily Telegraph.


Neat little take on the neat little (double) life of Hector Hugh Munro; arch harrumpher and ace pointer-outer of the booming pomposity of Edwardian mores.

(Sarah Dempster, the Guardian 30 April 2007)

INDELIBLE EVIDENCE … is putting science on the map in a big way … Tonight’s story about sectarian murders in Northern Ireland is a real cracker.” (The Times) … ‘Windfall’ was the most dramatic of this series and the most chilling …  (The Guardian)